On the Sofa with: Masheé

On the Sofa with: Masheé

 All about Marsheé and her new video “Cages we built”!

Masheé- das sind die sphärischen Klänge elektronischer Gitarrenriffs von Max Kalb, auf dem Grundgerüst abwechslungsreicher Pianoharmonien. Im Vordergrund steht der Gesang von Mariella Schelch, mal zierlich und sanft, mal impulsiv und bestimmend. Mit ihrer Musik laden Masheé die Zuhörer auf eine Achterbahn der Gefühle ein.
Neuerdings rundet Bastian Bischler an den Drums Mahseé´s Musik ab.

SofaConcerts: “What was your favorite SofaConcerts moment?”


Masheé: “Can´t decide, which Sofaconcert i liked the most.Every single concert was special on its own. We played in different places like pubs or livingrooms and everytime we were welcomed with open arms. There was delicious food and the audience was very friendly and thankful, listend to us quietly or we were in contact and talked to each other. “


SC: “If you could be anyone else, who would it be?


Masheé: “It took a long time until i got selfconfident enough to quit my job in a pharmacy and follow my true appeal as a musician, as the musician Masheé. I am happy with that and don´t want to be another person. “


SC:  “What should never happend (again) to you when you are on stage” 


Masheé: “I haven´t had got any real bad situation on stage until now. I just have to learn to handle better with my nervousness before and during the concert. “

SC: Can you tell us something about your song ” Cages We Built”? What is the story behind the lyrics and the video”


Masheé: ” ‘Cages We Built’ deals with the person you want to be in life. Everybody has got a good and a bad site in his character. To handle negative feelings isn´t always easy, sometimes you feel helplessly exposed to them, like a cage you built by yourself.Always in conflict with the good side in you. if you are getting lost and stuck in your own cage of feelings, once you will recognize that you are alone and the wish to break out will get stronger and stronger. And one time you will do it, when the anger inside yourself is strong enough and you receive enough energy of it to burst the cage and find yourself again.
The light pink and black in the musicvideo ‘Cages We Built’ show the contrasts between good and bad.”




 SC:  “Thanks a lot for this interviev!”


Now it’s up to you! Check out her music and tour dates and remember her when you plan your next concert! -> invite Masheé