Craziest SofaConcerts moments with: Twins of June

Craziest SofaConcerts moments with: Twins of June

In this interview Twins of June reveal what’s so special about SofaConcerts and tell us about their craziest experience playing a living room concert.

For those who don’t know you already – where do you live and what do you do?

We are two 21-year-old twin brothers from the southern Denmark, and together we form the band Twins Of June. Both of us finished high school in the summer of 2016 and since then we’ve tried to make a living doing music. We both have a part time job on the side. Jonas works at a kindergarten and Jesper works at a school for kids with special needs.

How did you get into music?

We formed the band Twins Of June in the beginning of 2015. We started by writing 5 songs which later became our debut EP ’Memories’ which was then released in May 2015. ‘Memories’ went #1 on the Danish Singer/songwriter chart on iTunes, which was totally overwhelming.

We’ve played music since we were kids, and we always wanted to write our own songs, so we were completely blown away by the response we got. Because of the reactions we received, we decided that music was what we wanted to continue doing for as long as we can. After the release, we played as many concerts as possible and started to build a fan base. From then on, we released a single in 2016 called ‘Out Of Time’ and we’ve just released a new single called ‘Around You’ from our upcoming album, which we are currently recording.

We are very inspired by the things that happen around us. We write our songs about people who have had an influence on us and things that have happened to us. The folk, indie and singer/songwriter genres are mainly our inspiration in terms of music. Artists like Mumford & Sons, Ben Howard, Passenger and Ed Sheeran have had a big influence on our mindset and our sound.

What do you think about SofaConcerts? 

SofaConcerts is a great platform for artist to get out there, increase their fan base and interact with the audience.

We played our first SofaConcert in April 2017, and we’ve had so many great experiences since then. First of all, SofaConcerts is the reason why we’re able to play so many shows in Germany. The amount of people we’ve met through our shows is unbelievable.

Which SofaConcerts experience will you never forget?

The funniest experience we’ve had through the concerts must have been when we spent the night in a furniture store in the middle of Hamburg.

In the summer 2017, we played a SofaConcert in Hamurg, but had forgotten to discuss sleeping arrangements. Turns out we didn’t have a place to sleep besides the car. Suddenly a guy from the show came up to us and asked if we wanted to sleep at his office. At the time, we didn’t really know what to think, but it was either his office or the car, so we said yes to the office. A few hours later we were standing in a big showroom, which was decorated with bedrooms. Just like IKEA.

He turned around, looked at us, and said “Welcome to my office”.

The showroom was on the ground floor and had a big glass window so people could look inside. We had never met this guy before, so to be honest, we were quite nervous, but we just decided to go with the flow. The guy looked at us and said ‘Yeah, so you can just choose a bed, and then I’ll come back tomorrow at 8 am because, at 9 am the store will open, so you’ll have to be out.’

We went to bed with our fingers crossed that the police wouldn’t wake us up, thinking we broke into the store”

The next morning, a car rolled up outside the showroom. The guy from last night got out of the car and, walked into the room, turned on some music, and sat down and said “So, are you hungry?”. We cleaned up the room and he showed us a few places we could eat. After that we gave him a few copies of ‘Memories’ and he got in his car and took off.

An absolutely crazy but also funny experience, which we never would have had, if it wasn’t for SofaConcerts.

That’s one of the things we love the most about SofaConcerts: it’s not just about playing a gig and then heading off to a hotel; it’s about making a connection with people, and enjoying the company of people you’ve never met before.

That’s why we like the idea of SofaConcerts so much: everybody wins!

Thank you so much for sharing this story with us! 

Twins of June

Invite Twins of June via SofaConcerts to your home and enjoy their beautiful music in your living room. Just send them a request and they’ll let you know whether they are available for a SofaConcert!

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