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Everything you need to know as a SofaConcerts artist

Gig opportunities on unconventional stages

Every venue can be a stage - promote yourself directly to your fanbase, reach out to experienced concert hosts and find opportunities for gigs in extraordinary contexts!

How SofaConcerts works

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Become a concert host -

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All you need to know about SofaConcerts

Your options as an artist

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As a new artist

Play your first gigs and gain recommendations from hosts who have experienced you live!

Basic features
  • Get visibility - Present yourself and your music on your individual profile
  • Activate your fan base - Use your SofaConcerts profile to advertise your performance to your fans
  • Hassle free booking - Easily manage booking requests, fee handling and invoices via the SofaConcerts booking tool
  • Reach out to new fans - Get in touch directly with up to 10 SofaConcerts hosts at a time
  • Promote your concerts - All concerts published on your profile are included in our monthly concert newsletter
Free profile
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As PRO artist

We love to recommend artists who convince us with authentic music, their professional performance and an extraordinary live experience. If you have already gained some experience on our platform and have received positive feedback by our hosts, we're happy to review your application! Our paid PRO membership offers you more visibility, more opportunities and more features!

More visibility
  • Highlight your profile with the PRO badge
  • Be found more easily and get more gig offers
More features
  • Send out as many concert requests as you want
  • Fill more off days on tour with SofaConcerts
per year

Our booking tool - your options

Our booking tool allows you to negotiate reliable yet individual agreements for each concert. The offer can be negotiated until both parties agree and your host confirms the booking.

Find out more about the recommended booking framework

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Fixed fee

You know exactly what you are going to earn with your gig because the host has deposited the amount in advance on your secure escrow account. After the gig, your fee is paid out conveniently onto your bank account as defined within recommended booking framework.

Guarantee Fee Icon

Hat with guarantee

This is like a pledge which covers your expenses and gives you planning security while allowing some flexibility on your host's side. At the show, you pass the hat and your host gets their deposit refunded. If the donations exceed the guarantee, you receive the extra amount. The guarantee is paid out to you after the concert has taken place as agreed within the recommended booking framework. If there is less in the hat, your host carries the difference.

Hat Fee Icon

Hat without guarantee

With this option you pass the hat the concert and receive whatever your audience is willing to donate. While we encourage hosts to value artists' work by offering them at least a minimum guarantee when they invite you, you can still offer to pass the hat only when you take the initiative for the gig.