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Marie-Lene und Miriam explain how SofaConcerts works

All you need to know about SofaConcerts

Bookings and fees - individual and reliable

SofaConcerts recommends a booking tool which provides a safe and secure framework for the negotiation of contracts, processing payments and liability. You can contact artists for free and request quotes from them. For each concert, you negotiate an individual fee with your artist and only pay once you have agreed on a suitable offer. Within the booking tool & framework, you will be asked to cover a booking charge 2 % of the fee to cover the transaction costs of the secure escrow payment solution. Artists' usage fees are covered by them and you won't be charged with any further costs.

Options for fees

SofaConcerts provides three different ways to handle the fee for the concert. In each case, we can guarantee a painless, safe process for host and artist.

Fixed fee

Fixed fee

You book the artist at a fixed price and don't have to worry about the money at the concert. Artists receive their fee from SofaConcerts, as agreed in the framework, as soon as the concert has taken place. SofaConcerts holds the fee in escrow for the artist and takes care of all payment and payout processing.

For birthdays, weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions this is the most common solution.

Guaranteed fee

Hat with guarantee

This fee mode is a guarantee to the artist for a minimum fee amount. You will pay in the guarantee using the SofaConcert's booking platform, which will then be paid out to the artist after the concert is complete. You agree to pass a hat at the concert, or charge a door fee. You can then take your deposit out of the hat and anything extra will be collected by the artist. If the donations exceed the guarantee, the artist receives the extra amount. If there is less in the hat, you carry the difference. This means the artists have at least their expenses covered and you share the financial responsibility for the show.

Hat without guarantee

Hat without guarantee

This is a fee mode that is initiated from an artist request to play a SofaConcert hosts location. This fee mode has more risk for the artist, but does not require any payment up front. You agree to pass a hat at the concert or charge a door cover and the musician(s) receive whatever is donated. Make sure to tell your guests in advance that a donation is expected! To confirm this type of concert, SofaConcerts charge a cover service charge of   (incl. VAT). This charge cannot be refunded and helps our platform cover our costs and ensure that the host has some "skin in the game".