New Year, New features

- Rob - Feb 24, 2023

We've released a few new features at the beginning of 2023 to help our artists and our hosts link up to find shows.

The first feature is a new host availability date to let the community know that a host is searching for an artist to play a concert on a certain date. We've also brought back an upgraded host search map, so that an artist can better visualize their tour and find hosts around Germany and Europe.

Host Availability

If you're a host and you'd like to let our artist community know that you want to have a concert on a certain date, you can now navigate to the availability tab in your host profile and add your prefered date.

Your profile will then be shown at the top of our host search page with your selected date. When an artist clicks on your profile, they can send you an invite for your selected date!

The rest of the process goes as normal -- if the fee and date look good, then you can book the artist with our secure booking platform.

Find a SofaConcerts Host on the Map

After a long hiatus, we've brought back our host search map. You can now search by city and use all of the filters on the left hand side to find the perfect host profiles and plan your tour.

The map offers a different search interface than our normal list of hosts. We hope that it will quickly allow our musicians to find hosts that might otherwise have been overlooked.

As always, if you'll be on vacation, or your profile has enough requests for the calendar season, you always pause your profile on your availability screen.

We wish you many great SofaConcerts!

Have a feature request or comments? Shoot us an email at dev [at] sofaconcerts [dot] org . We look forward to your feedback!