Live music and bands for your own House Concert

Make your home a stage and discover international and local musicians

Are you looking for the most amazing venue in your town? You already have it - Your home!

House concerts are an incredible experience and one of the best ways to connect artists and music lovers. Invite an emerging artist into your home and experience a live music show you will always remember. House shows combine the musical talent of independent artists with the coziness of your home and favorite group of friends.

We believe that any venue can be a stage for live music – and that dedicated and curious music lovers are the most wonderful concert organizers musicians could hope for. We’re passionate about creating memorable moments and showcasing new talent on unconventional stages – like your home, backyard, studio or any other place you love.

Great artists for your living room

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How to organize a house concert?

Discover emerging talents

It doesn’t take much to plan a house concert. All you need is a little bit of space and an open mind! Depending on the occasion and the size of your space, you can invite an acoustic singer-songwriter for an intimate house show, an indie-pop duo for a potluck or book a country band for a birthday bash with friends and family.

Invite your favorite artists

SofaConcerts makes it easy to discover emerging artists, tune into their music, read honest feedback of other house concert hosts and get in touch with the ones you like best. Describe your expectations and discuss all the details before you decide who to book for your private concert. You can always contact us if you need help.

Enjoy the house show

Our booking tool makes it simple to negotiate a fair deal and will guide you through the whole process. Our team is here to help you out if you need advice or recommendations! Once you have confirmed the gig, invite your friends to join you in the first row and sit back and relax – you’re in for an amazing experience!

House Concert FAQ

Get in touch!

You're curious and would like to try hosting your own house show? We're happy to answer any remaining questions about house concerts and love to share our personal favourites and new artist discoveries with you!