The framework of the recommended booking system - everything you should know as an artist

This framework protects your agreements with hosts

SofaConcerts recommends the use of a booking system with secure framework conditions for both parties involved in the contract. With a booking confirmation, artists and hosts conclude a binding contract. The booking system provides clear and simple documentation of all agreements about the scope of performance and the exact terms of the contract, as well as a secure and verified payment processing solution. If you agree to be booked within the recommended booking system, you accept the following general conditions as the framework for all individual agreements:

What you can count on: What is the basis of your contract?

All agreements made in writing within the negotiation process via the booking system form the basis of the contract that is concluded when the booking is confirmed by the host. Your approval or concert request constitutes a non-binding offer. When the host confirms a booking, a binding contract is concluded between you and your host. Before every booking, you agree to provide your up-up-date invoice details so that the booking system can send the host your invoice for the agreed service by email.

Defining a clear scope of the performance: When can you discuss details on the phone?

You define the scope of the performance within the written negotiation before a contract is concluded. Upon confirmation, you will receive the contact details provided by the host and can also clarify further details by phone. Changes discussed afterwards are only binding if they are confirmed in writing by both sides within the booking system. This is to avoid misunderstandings and to be clear at all times about what has been agreed on by both sides.

Fee handling and payout: How to receive your fees?

When you confirm your booking, your host deposits the agreed fee plus booking fee (2%) as a security for you to bindingly reserve the concert date. The fee is deposited in a secure escrow account and will not be released until the concert has taken place. The recommended partner for the secure processing of all payments within the booking system is the escrow service provider Mangopay. The booking fee is borne by the host and covers the transfer costs and use of the escrow system. The payment options are payment by credit card or Klarna / Sofort. Payment via bank transfer / invoice is possible on request. For frequent bookers, companies and organizations, SofaConcerts mediates individual provisions between hosts and artists.

SofaConcerts usage fees: What does the marketplace cost?

To simplify matters, you agree that the usage fee for the SofaConcerts marketplace will be charged directly and that hosts will not incur any additional costs or cumbersome additional bookings. For the use of the SofaConcerts marketplace, the digital tools for communication, negotiation, booking and billing, SofaConcerts currently charges a basic fee of EUR 0 / month plus a variable fee of 20% including VAT of the value of all services that you as an artist agree with the host (“usage fee”). With the instruction to SofaConcerts, you directly commission the recommended payment service provider.

Cancellation policy: What happens if my concert cannot take place?

(A) Rebooking or cancellation by hosts
Free rescheduling option

If your host wants to change the original plans, he or she can reschedule the concert free of charge to an alternative date with your consent. With your consent, they can change the agreement bindingly within the booking system. The scope of services remains the same, the invoice and contracts are automatically adjusted as soon as the postponement in the booking system is confirmed.

Security for artists

If an alternative date does not come about, your host can cancel the concert within the conversation with you on the platform and finally cancel it.

  • If the cancellation reaches the artist up to 30 days before the agreed concert date, 50% of the agreed fee remains as loss compensation.
  • If the cancellation reaches the artist less than 30 days before the agreed concert date, 80% of the agreed fee remains as loss compensation.

The loss compensation covers your expenses as an artist as well as the SofaConcerts usage fee. You instruct Mangopay to pay the agreed usage fee directly to SofaConcerts and to pay the loss compensation to the account you have deposited. In addition, you instruct Mangopay to reimburse the host for the remaining 50 or 20% of the fee already deposited.

(B) Rebooking or cancellation by artists
Free rescheduling option

If you want to terminate the contract early and without cancellation costs, you can only postpone the concert to an alternative date free of charge with the consent of your host. If your host fulfills your request for a date change, he or she can enter the change in the booking system. The scope of services remains the same, the invoice and contracts are automatically adjusted as soon as the postponement in the booking system is confirmed by the host.

Obligations and cancellation costs

If an alternative date does not come about, you commit yourself to the host to offer a comparable substitute artist to your host before cancelling the gig. If your host does not agree to the replacement, you are obliged to legally confirm the concert cancellation in the system. In doing so, you are instructing Mangopay to reimburse the host the fee already deposited in full. By cancelling the event, you agree to pay the SofaConcerts usage fees and booking charge which are reimbursed to the host. In addition, you give your host the right to rate you. Otherwise, your host waives any further claims for damages against you.

If the cancellation rate is above average, SofaConcerts reserves the right to terminate the collaboration after a prior warning.

(C) Cancellations due to force majeure or illness

If the event has to be canceled due to force majeure, both parties agree that the host will be reimbursed in full for the agreed fee, including the booking fee, and that there is no entitlement to compensation for loss. Proof of the reason for the cancellation must be submitted within 7 days via the messaging tool. Only then can the reversal be carried out. If you cannot fulfill the contract due to illness, the same rules apply as for force majeure, provided that the illness is proven within 7 days by a medical certificate.

Read the framework for hosts

The framework of the recommended booking system was last updated on July 1st, 2020 and applies to all bookings that were requested on or after July 1st, 2020. The date of first contact is decisive.

This framework is binding for all bookings that were initiatied before July 1st, 2020. The date of first contact is decisive.

SofaConcerts recommends artists and hosts to agee to use the booking tool with a secure payment solution as well as a legal framework for bookings and binding contracts. If you agree to make use of the booking tool, you accept the following conditions:

Using a secure escrow payment solution

Both contractual parties agree to use the booking tool with a secure escrow transfer solution and further services. Once the booking is confirmed, the host deposits the fee on their virtual wallet with our licensed payment provider Mangopay. The host covers a 2% booking charge to cover the expenses of the transaction. The host commands Mangopay to transfer the money to the artist's virtual wallet as soon as the concert has taken place.

Cancellation Policy and Booking Guarantee

In the unlikely event that a booked concert cannot take place due to illness or other unexpected severe circumstances, this policy applies:

(A) Money-back Guarantee for Hosts

The artist agrees to automatically release and refund any amount deposited by the host if the concert is cancelled by the artist and commands MangoPay to fulfill this. Transaction costs (transfer costs) are exempt from refunds and are covered by the host. If the artist cancels the concert less than 36 hours before the concert date or does not appear, SofaConcerts grants the host the right to rate the artist on his platform. The host waives all claims for further compensation from the artist.

(B) Fee-Guarantee for Artists

The host agrees grant the artist a 10% compensation plus the variable fee agreed between the artist and SofaConcerts (20% of the gross amount) and transaction costs(2% transfer costs) if the host cancels the concert between 7 days and 36 hours before the concert. If the cancellation by the host occurs less than 36 hours they agree to grant 100% of the agreed fee to the artist. The host commands MangoPay in advance to transfer these amounts to the artist and SofaConcerts in the event of a cancellation. The artist agrees in advance to refund the remaining amount to the host.

(C) Rescheduling Concerts

Both parties agree that all concerts can be postponed to a different date at all times without any extra cost or change of conditions if both parties agree on the change. Hosts can change the date on their account with artists' consent.