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SofaConcert's founders Marie-Lene and Miriam, former school friends experienced, their first living room concert in 2013. Leaving the event entirely fascinated, they decided to give up previous careers to pursue the goal of making living room concerts available to everybody. A few months later in 2014, the SofaConcerts online platform was born. Since then, SofaConcerts has connected talented newcomer musicians with music fans from over 16 different countries! Along with that, SofaConcerts creates and implement innovative marketing and event concepts with authentic live music, utilizing musicians from the SofaConcert's community, creating one-of-a-kind musical experiences.

Have a look into our own living rooms!

Miriam vom SofaConcerts Team Miriam Schütt
Co-founder and CEO
  • My living room is full of things that I love: my piano, my sports equipment, and lots of pictures. I prefer to spend my time here with my closest friends and good music.
  • My favorite music moment? Well, there are definitely a lot to choose from - which is one of the reasons I love working at SofaConcerts. One personal highlight that sticks in in my mind was a spontaneous concert Ben Howard played at a bonfire in France (back when he was quite unknown).
  • In my free time, you will most likely find me outdoors. Next to music, I love the seaside and surfing. Sun, good friends, some good music and nature - those are the things that make me happy.

Marie-Lene vom SofaConcerts Team Marie-Lene Armingeon
  • My living room is small but lovely and has already been the location of various different concerts. We also frequently use it as a guest room when my friends and family come to visit Hamburg.
  • Which music makes my heart melt? Everything that combines amazing music with honest story telling and interesting people. My dream would be to have Coldplay playing in my living room some day.
  • What I love about my job? Definitely how versatile it is! It is so interesting to see how you can grow and learn along with your tasks!

Rob vom SofaConcerts Team Robert Heinen
CTO / Lead Developer
  • My living room is a small universe where trains, horses and other toys live together. Along with our little daughter, Emma.
  • My favorite German music? Everything from Kraftwerk for a long car ride, Can for cooking sessions on Fridays, and No Twist before sleeping. For everything else, there's always Helene Fischer.

Philipp vom SofaConcerts Team Philipp Ostendorf
Campaigns and Partnerships
  • In my living room, we drink, eat, sing, read, sometimes dance, and mostly relax.
  • A music moment that I love to remember: Olli Schulz at the Haldern Pop 2015. It was warm, around 25 degrees, the sun was setting and an amazing singer-songwriter enjoyed his time on stage. In my opinion, a perfect day at a festival.
  • In my time off, I write songs, travel, and search the Internet for new music, tasty recipes, or funny animal videos.

Caroline vom SofaConcerts Team Caroline Schirmer
Sales and Event Management
  • My living room loves to be filled with amazing people and to listen to long conversations.
  • My favorite concert, so far? That's a tough decision between Bruce Springsteen who rocked the stage for 3.5 hours, Joe Cocker with his amazing voice which gave me goosebumps, and Duncan Woods who played in my living room and told the best stories!
  • Sunshine in my face, my favorite people, Spain, laughter, the sound of the seaside, skiing and inhaling the fresh mountain air, extraordinary food, my job, new countries, inspirational conversations, dancing, music, and spontaneity.

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