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10 female artists that you should not let out of your sight in 2023!

Amazing artists with a unique Story

10 special female artists based in the UK

- Travis - 02.02.2023 -


It doesn't matter whether it's funky and groovy with the right beat or dreamy and soulful for the particularly emotional moments. At SofaConcerts you will find the right artist for your event, no matter what the occasion or stage.

It's no secret that women are still underrepresented in the music industry, despite their hard work and high level of commitment. This proves once again that women have to stick together for support, inspiration and encouragement in their actions! Therefore, in this article, we would like to introduce you to 10 artists from SofaConcerts who inspire us with their music and their story and who you should definitely keep in mind.

With a voice that can be soft and vulnerable, as well as rough and loud, Mara leaves her mark on the newcomer scene. Her lyrics deal with interpersonal issues and situations that everyone can identify with. She also uses her songwriting talent live to transform spontaneously shouted words into new compositions. With a mix of melancholy and danceability, she creates a unique atmosphere that inspires people with a sense of depth and those who love to dance in equal measure.

Jewelia's music is a mixture of piano-driven art pop, new age and electronica, centred around emotional vocals and poignant lyrics and melodies. She has played numerous gigs in and around London and just came back from a UK tour. Her debut album 'City of My Mind' was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign and released in December 2018, with singles played on the BBC Introducing and extensively on Cam FM and Cambridge 105.

Irish-born singer/songwriter Megan O'Neill is one of the most exciting Americana artists on the UK - Irish scene. A long-time musician and song-writer, Megan has previously lived in Nashville but now resides full time in London.
Her music can be compared with stars like Adele or Amy Winehouse! With her enchanting voice she puts her audience in a dreamy state. She released her debut EP ‘Coming Home’ in May 2015, reaching #1 in Irish country charts & was awarded ‘UK EP of the Year’ (W21Music).

Lea G grew up in Austria but moved to London 2.5 years ago to work on her music full time. Her music is very upbeat and her fans and listeners are known to leave the concerts feeling happy, connected and safe! Lea has a unique take on singer-songwriter meets alt pop, and combines these genres with her love for storytelling and relating to her generation.

After a successful 2021 with the release of her debut EP “YOU(TH)” and having headlined The Notting Hill Arts Club in London, as well as racking up 100k plays on Spotify and 3 features as BBC Introducing´s tracks of the day, the 21 year old singer-songwriter Lea G is now ready to jump into a new era!

The music of Mora Mothaus is very diverse. Her range goes frome Eclectic performances and emotive songwriting, to melodious vocals with a choral ambience combined with genre-traversing compositions. These are often attributed to sounds of ambient, alternative, psych folk, dream pop, shoegaze, all the way through to classical. Straddling the liminal space between chaos and composition. Mora Mothaus walks in the fire of an apocalyptic, sentimental, moody new-age with lots of excitement and curiosity!

6. Ginny Loon

Singer/songwriter Ginny Loon commutes between her life in the Winterthur area and her second home in London; a rich breeding ground for her self-written texts that tell stories of relationships, memories and feelings. Texts that your audience can identify with and often even find themselves. In the spring of last year, Ginny released her debut single "Third Love", which was played directly on various radio stations. She is currently working on her first EP, which is due out in early 2023. The indie pop songs are heavily inspired by country music. Combined with her clear voice, Ginny captivates her audience. Her style is particularly well suited for intimate concerts with music-loving listeners.

If you're a lover of folk, intricate guitar fingerpicking, gentle clever lyricism and beautiful harmonies, give Freya Ward's songs a listen. BBC Introducing have said 'absolutely beautiful' and 'just stunning'. Atwood Magazine featured her latest EP release, describing Freya's latest works as 'beautiful expansive folk... with moving stillness and breathtaking vulnerability.'

Freya Ward is a country girl - She grew up in the British countryside and her songs are infused with her Devonshire roots. According to reviewers she is not just your standard folk artist - her songs have an edge, a gripping blend of relatability, nostalgia, emotion and the everyday - something unusual that will make your ears prick up, grab your attention and have you humming the hooks back to us for the whole week.

A self-professed observist and avid people-watcher, Reznek's music takes up issues of humans and humanity - spinning the ‘why’ of people and what we do through insightful lyrics, swelling chords, and poignant melodies. Although her classical training is apparent in her technique and arrangements, Reznek’s interest in perception is her guide in her upcoming project - a collaborative effort using the ‘found sounds’ of life that the rest of us take for granted. Coaxing music out of pot-and-pan percussion, running water, and city traffic is a feat only the few can achieve - and Reznek has mastered it. Spinning stories of family, friends, and crowds, Reznek’s neptunian orchestration lays bare the human condition in a way all of us can understand through our own lived experiences. Don't miss out!

German-born, indie folk singer/songwriter Lena Laki has been playing music and performing live in Germany and in England for the last few years. Drawing from a wide range of influences, from Nick Drake and Nina Simone to Radiohead and Goldfrapp, Lena has released her Debut EP, "Take Me With" which has received acclaim from various music magazines. “Lena Laki is one of those ultimately talented musicians it is essential to appreciate. Take Me With is a melancholic, beautifully self-aware and mature piece of work” (Gigslutz, UK, April 2016) "Lena Laki's magical music is dreamy folk but with a hint of jazz elegance. Like all of the songs on the EP, Craving is nothing short of gorgeous." (Love is Pop, US, April 2016). What more is there to say!

Big catchy pop choruses best define singer songwriter Jenem! With 2021 seeing her focus on recording new music, this year she is set to release a 4 track EP, alongside a number of singles, plus performances at festivals including Camp Bestival and Secret Sessions (their first festival), additionally she will play numerous live gigs, including a grassroots Europe tour! Having previously performed at venues ranging from the 02 Academy Leeds and Cambridge Junction, to playing a headline show in London, she is no stranger to being on stage but her live setup has seen major developments over the past two years to see the introduction of a drum pad and keys, as well as guitar and vocals! With her new single ‘Why Do You Love Me’, there’s plenty on the horizon for Jenem in 2023!

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These were our 10 recommendations for special and inspiring female artists throughout the UK. No matter what the occasion or on which stage - there should be something for every taste! If you haven't already, feel free to browse through our large selection of artists or let our support team advise you personally!

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