Tim Brooks in front of the harbor

Five Questions with Tim Brooks

We ask SofaConcerts musician, Tim Brooks, five questions about his music, living rooms shows, and Bruce Springsteen

5 Questions with Tim Brooks

- Rob - 31.03.2023 -

Tim Brooks is a talented singer-songwriter from England, known for his soulful voice and catchy guitar riffs. Over the past few years, Tim has performed all over the world, from garden parties in Hamburg to youth hostels in Slovenia. His music is inspired by Kerrang! acts from his youth, as well as his own personal experiences with travel and adventure.

With a new album set to be released today, March 31st, Tim is excited to share his latest work with his fans and continue spreading his love of music to audiences around the world..

First Question! Tell us a little bit about yourself -- when did you begin playing?

Hey! I'm a singer-songwriter from London, who has played here, there and everywhere over the last 5/6 years. From garden parties in the affluent Hamburg suburbs to smoking rooms in Amsterdam. From the O2 arena in London as part of the StoneFree festival, to youth hostels in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Second Question! If you could meet one musician, living or dead, to play a living room concert together with, who would it be?

Bruce Springsteen. I saw him at Wembley Stadium back in 2013 and he played Darkness on the Edge of Town in full. In a crowd of 100,000 people he played Racing in the Street and it felt like he was singing directly to me, so I'd love to make that a reality!

Third Question! What is your favorite song that you've written and why (here we'll add a Spotify link with the story behind the song)

I would say my favourite song presently is 4 Fake Brothers off my new record. The song is based off a conversation I had with a friend over Zoom during the pandemic. We were both missing travelling and adventure, and were daydreaming on how it was impossible to see everything in the world in one lifetime, yet we were so desperate to try. She was wearing this old battered Ramones t-shirt that she bought for about $5 in Nashville, but said that it just reminded her of a Tennessee summer. That stuck with me, and I wrote a song about travel as a form of escapism.

Fourth Question! Why do you enjoy playing SofaConcerts or Living Room shows or any small show where the audience listens attentively?

Connection, community, coziness. The answer is in the question, with the fact that playing to an attentive audience will always be a wonderful and enriching thing, but I have always loved the community aspect of SofaConcert shows. You aren't just playing a gig, you're making new friends, telling stories, connecting people, and (more often than not) having a party!

Fifth Question! Do you have an album release or tour plans this year?

Yes! My album "I Saw a Monster" will be out on 31st March

Back in 2021. Back in the Covid tornado. I was stifled. So I ran away. I drove to the very top of Scotland, sat by Loch Ness, and wrote a bunch of songs. This album is said bunch of songs. This is an album about identity, short termism and pleasure seeking, peering over the edge and self love. If you get the track on Bandcamp, you get 4 bonus tracks!

Thanks for the interview Tim! If you'd like to invite Tim to play your own SofaConcert, or perhaps your birthday or garden party, then send him an invite here.

We can confirm the new album is great! You can purchase I Saw a Monster on Bandcamp (and if you wait a week, April 7th is Bandcamp Friday so all proceeds will go to Tim!