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These 5 swiss artist you have to listen to

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You've gotta hear these 5 Swiss singers!

Joel - 22.08.2019 -

Switzerland is known for many things. You know: chocolate, watches, the Alps and so on. But the future is in the hands or the voices of the Swiss singers. From soul to blues, folk and singer-songwriter to the ominous genre of post-pop, at SofaConcerts you will find everything you are looking for as a fan of beautiful voices and varied music at the highest level!

The Rehats

In Switzerland you sometimes miss the band a bit. They travel through many countries and play at well-known festivals and have already made it onto well-known radio playlists. They provide music that gets you on Monday morning with a Brings a smile out of sleep and provides a dreamy, cozy feeling of warmth at the weekend. A sofa concert with You can think of The Rehats like finally taking the leap from the plane into the clouds – and landed light as a feather as hoped!


Thanks to the mix of pop, soul, funk, a beautiful voice and multifaceted songwriting, Dana is one of the most promising Swiss talents. Although - if you've already toured England, Germany and of course the whole of Switzerland, you can confidently omit this stamp and instead just let the music speak for itself. The young Swiss band around the gifted singer Dana Burkhard can be seen in groups of five or as a duo. Clear the stage!

Colour Of Rice

The Biel singer Color Of Rice settles between country, soul and folk. The gentle voice skillfully leads through simple, never overloaded guitar accompaniments. A nice dose of blues ensures melodic variety in the songs. As a child, Color Of Rice wanted to be a cowboy and sing the nights away around the campfire. Thanks to her music and fine humor, she now inspires living rooms as well as big music festivals!

Jasmin Larue

Folk in its pure splendor: An incredibly familiar voice, guitar, percussion, bass and sometimes some accordion make the music of the singer Jasmin Larue accessible in an uncomplicated way. Without wanting to rely on clichés - music on and you're immediately somewhere out in nature, hiking over green meadows and wallowing in endless nostalgia. The latest album title "Feels Like Coming Home And The Blues" definitely fits!

Gina Été

With Gina Été, the fun stops for pigeonhole thinkers and genre fetishists: Sometimes on the piano, sometimes on the viola, the Basel native sings songs in four languages ​​(!) about her life, but also about political and social issues that concern her. She calls her music Post Pop. Exactly what that is is really hard to explain. You just have to listen - or ours Interview with Gina Été check it out.

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