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Say a big "Thank you" to your co-workers

How can I say thank you for a job well done? Here are four ideas that may spark your interest!

Thanks to the staff: say it with music!

- Sarah - 06.11.2019 -

A big project is nearing completion. From Monday to Friday - and not infrequently also on weekends - your employees gave their best to contribute to the success. They worked overtime to meet deadlines. And rejoiced at every milestone reached, as if it were their own company. Clearly: Now it's time to thank your co-workers for their effort!.

A thank you to employees can have many faces. It can come in the form of a bonus or a raise, it can be a gift or, for example, the purchase of a new coffee maker for the office. Your employees will certainly be happy about this; but none of this is emotionally enough for you? Then say it with a bit of music! Book a band and give your employees great hours, where they can leave all the stress of the past weeks and months behind. We present: Musical ideas for every season with which you can thank your team. You don't have to wait for the Christmas party because the right moment for a corporate event with live music is right now!

Especially in times of Corona it is important to show appreciation to the employees and to show them that things will soon be on the up again. A great alternative to Live music is online team events with a live stream concert. This way, despite Corona you can spend a good time with colleagues and increase employee motivation!

How does SfaConcerts work?

At SofaConcerts you can easily book musicians online. For this you browse through our range of musicians, send your desired artist an invitation, choose the occasion "company party" and enter your city, the date and interesting information - and a short time later the musician will contact you, to agree the fee with you. You can get an idea of ​​the price on the respective artist profile, where the musician states starting prices. If you need help, our team is of course happy to help!

The best "Thank you" ideas with live music for every season of the year

Spring: Family party with live bands for the big and the small

During stressful project phases, not only your employees but also their families or partners are challenged. Why not thank them too? Organize a family party where both your employees and whose loved ones are having a lovely afternoon. With a live band catering to the needs of all ages, you create a special highlight.

The location:

The company building, for example, is a suitable location as long as it offers enough space. Alternatively, a rented location with a garden is also possible. Find the family festival in late spring, an event tent can also be set up in the countryside.

Food and drinks:

Organize a catering with food that tastes big and small mouths. Since playing makes you hungry, during Child-friendly snacks are available throughout the event. Suitable for a small, casual event Self service fridges very good. Hire someone to fill these up regularly. For larger family celebrations should But you organize a service.

What else you should consider:

In order to keep children well entertained and also to guarantee their parents relaxing hours, it is best to hire a professional assistance to watch the kids. Bouncy castles are also very popular.

The right band:

In the SofaConcerts repertoire you will find some bands that are perfect for family celebrations. ELIH In addition to his own compositions, he also plays many children's songs, for example, and is praised in feedback for his great dealings with children. But adults are also completely taken with him. Or Liza&Kay; which are producing a children's album and like to include the little ones in their concerts - and with their own and Cover songs also appeal to the adults. and also Oliver Scheidies with his humorous, spontaneous and open appearances is a perfect fit for family concerts. When you ask the artists, you should definitely tell them that you are planning a family celebration. This way, the musicians can prepare perfectly for their performance.

Summer: Evening at the campfire with an acoustic session

Spend a cozy evening around the campfire on a mild summer night, enjoying snacks and drinks with loved ones and having in-depth conversations and listening to great campfire songs - this is how a thank you to employees can look like! Relaxation, Fun and memorable moments are guaranteed.

The location:

Ideally, the campfire evening should be held in a private garden. If nobody is available, you can contact the city to find out in which public places open fires are allowed. However, you can also organize a 2-day trip; there are Numerous providers who offer an outdoor team event including a campfire and overnight accommodation.

Food and drinks:

What should not be missing at the campfire? Marshmallows of course! But sausages, stick bread or potatoes also look great on a skewer. If you are really hungry, you can also grill properly to start with. Cold beer, wine and juices should definitely be self-service ready. Of course, you can also ask your employees to bring salads, cakes and whatever they prefer with them.

What else you should consider:

Make sure there is enough firewood on site. It wouldn't be good if the fire went out after a short time. Also, you should bring some blankets and provide seating.

The right band:

Bands that play their own songs as well as cover songs are particularly suitable for a campfire session. So your employees can relax and listen, but also sing along if they want. It should also be a band that likes to play acoustics - the outdoors don't always offer electricity

Autumn: After work drinks with an office concert

When the days get colder, you simply move the thank you concert indoors. Our tip: don't tell anyone! Keep the concert a secret from your employees. They'll be amazed if they're allowed to call it a day and suddenly a musician walks through the office door.

The location:

Easy, because the concert takes place in the office. Maybe you put the tables out and make some space for the band, a small buffet and of course the staff. In order to create a nice atmosphere you can hang up some Light chains, candles and seat cushions. These are well suited to remind you of the everyday office life.

Food and drinks:

Keep it simple. You either hire a small catering company or you simply order pizzas. You should fill the fridge with drinks beforehand.

What else you should consider:

If you are planning a surprise concert, it should start early enough. It wouldn't be good if someone else has already started with closing the office.

The right band:

Here you have free choice. Whether solo artist or band, unplugged or amplified, own compositions or cover songs - on our platform you will find the right fit for every office and team size, every taste and musicians to suit your budget.

Winter: Christmas party with a live band!

And we would have arrived at the Christmas party. A Christmas party calls out THANK YOU very loudly anyway. But: In your case not loud enough. A party band is needed! You not only create a good atmosphere and entertainment at the Christmas party, but also show your employees a very special appreciation.

The location:

A Christmas party can take place anywhere: in a restaurant, on company premises, in a bar, on a boat, it doesn't matter. If you are planning a band performance, you should clarify the location beforehand whether there is enough space for the band and for the dancing guests. You should also find out what the band needs (electricity, equipment, etc.) and whether these requirements are met by the location.

Food and drinks:

Whether it's a buffet, menu or home-cooked food, everything is possible with appropriate planning. Normally, the location takes care of the catering. If you are celebrating in your office, it makes sense to hire catering.

Was Du sonst noch beachten solltest:

In order to get hold of the band of your choice for the Christmas party, you should book it early enough. Are you planning a cozy Christmas party? You can also book a jazz band or something similar instead of a party band, which can accompany the entire evening.

The right band:

For a Christmas celebration with a party character, we recommend a band that also has well-known cover songs in their repertoire. So there is definitely something suitable for everyone and the dance floor will fill up in no time.

Help required?

You are looking for something special for a company party, a show act for a Summer party or need ideas for the company Christmas party? No problem we have experienced and designed many brilliant celebrations and are happy to share our ideas and values. Just tell us about your ideas and possibilities and we will help you to find the right band or live music for your company event.

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