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The perfect supporting program for the meeting, congress or conference

Special ideas for a conference program with live music

The perfect supporting program for the meeting, congress or conference - special ideas for a Conference program with live music

- Lea - 22.04.2019 -

Therefore, in this post, we give some tips on how to host the event with a If we are honest, many conferencesare similar. Depending on the industry, the same topics and speakers often appear. So it is important to stand out if you are responsible for such an event yourself. he "trappings" of the conference decide whether the customers will come to their conference and keep the event in mind! Therefore, in this post, we give some tips on how to host the event with a extraordinary supporting program can be designed differently.

Step by step to the perfect conference

Let's start with the basics first. What is actually meant by the term conference? Conferences are usually held on a current topic that is viewed from different perspectives. Events aimed at companies often have a teaching character and offer the opportunity to Networking, while academic conferences exchange and discuss a specific topic should promote. And what is the difference between a conference and a congress? A meeting lasts, like as the name suggests, for one day, while a congress usually takes place over several days and tends to do so appeals to a larger audience.

Running of the event

  1. The opening by a keynote speaker serves as an introduction and orientation aid for the rest of the program.

  2. Various lectures and presentations deepen the topic.

  3. The final panel discussion offers the opportunity to exchange new knowledge.

  4. Less central, but no less important the supporting program!

The supporting program crowns the event

One of the most important goals when planning a conference is a varied program! Live music gives every event moments that will be remembered. Authentic music not only ensures a special one atmosphere, but also ensures unique encounters. The uses for live music are at a conference varied. Therefore, we present various ideas and concepts here:

Live music as part of the program during the conference

  • 1) Music flash mob for trade fair
  • 2) Musician as a walking act
  • 3) Music as product presentation

Live music as a highlight of the evening program

  • 1) Champagne reception with live music
  • 2) dinner music
  • 3) Partyband

If you are looking for a suitable musician or a band for the supporting program of a conference you will find it at SofaConcerts. For event formats and events with live music, please contact the SofaConcerts Team.

Artist recommendations for meetings, congresses or conferences

UPTIGHT acoustic soul

IKEA family concert

"Great choice of songs and great performance! We have UPTIGHT for two customer events IKEA in Berlin and everyone was more than enthusiastic about the musical quality and the sympathetic characters of the band! All arrangements were super uncomplicated and we gladly recommend UPTIGHT!"

The High Fives

Ninas and Rainers stage

"The High Fives made our evening perfect! The music was uniquely beautiful and the band aswell ;-). The band was great and everyone was super nice! We recommend the band from Hearts, are happy to continue and are sure that we will ask The High Fives for the next party."

Elin Bell

Kai Görlitz

"We were very excited about the super professional performance of Elin Bell and her band. We are looking forward to our wedding! Communication in advance was super uncomplicated, everything went smoothly it worked... and their music is beautiful! Thank you again!"

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