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How does SofaConcerts work?

Hosting your own concert is easy!

How does SofaConcerts work?

- SofaConcerts - 27.07.2019

Are you looking for a live band for your next party? Do you want to enjoy a private concert with your friends or even better, surprise a loved one with a wonderful present? You came to the right place! Here are five steps you should follow if you would like to organise an unforgettable living room concert!

1. Discover artists

One decision has to be made at the beginning of every concert: Who should be the artist? First you should browse through our artists to find a number of musicians who match your taste. Simply click on Discover Artists on our navigation bar and filter by location, genre or general atmosphere. Are you looking for an amazing indie band, or maybe a sensitive singer-songwriter in the vein of Ben Howard? Perhaps you'd prefer a really energizing band to get your party moving? Our platform will help you discover the artist that will make your concert perfect!

2. Your favorite artists

If you like an artist, simply add them to your favorites by clicking on the heart icon. That way, you'll be able to quickly find all of your favorite musicians.

Our picks for you:

3. Different occasions

So, you've decided on an artist? Then simply click on "Invite" on the artist's profile page. You'll then be able to set up the specifics of your concert. If you choose 'SofaConcert', you can register your home or pub and then in the future get requests from touring artists. For unique events, such as a birthday parties or a one-time event, you can continue without signing up as a host.

4. Requesting your favorite artist

After filling out your details you'll send a non-binding request to your desired artist. It's usually best to invite to several artists as your first choice may not be available on the date you've chosen.

5. Confirm your concert

Once the artist receives your invite, they'll be able to either approve or deny your request. If they approve, the ball will then be back in your court. You're now able to enter your contact details and confirm the concert. This is a binding contract (refundable) between you and the artist. The artist will be notified of your confirmation and then you're ready to go!

Good to know: If you have registered your living room on SofaConcerts, touring artists can also request to play at your place! You are always free to host them or not. Who knows, maybe you'll soon have a singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, a rock band from New Zealand or a pop duo from Berlin in your living room!

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