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Ideas for Celebrating a 50th Birthday with Music

Spending your 50th birthday with live music

A private concert for your 50th birthday

- Svenja - 10.08.2018 -

A round birthday is always a reason to celebrate - especially if it's the 50th birthday! However, planning a birthday can be tough. Having celebrated 49 birthdays before, what activities are left to actually make the party special and meaningful? Of course, delicious food and an eye-catching decoration are essential. Still, the entertainment is what makes the event really outstanding. While a DJ or even playlists are an option, live music is what makes an event memorable! Whether it's a groovy band, a singer-songwriter or a jazz duo - at SofaConcerts you are guaranteed to find the right music for your birthday. We've got some great ideas for you...

Have a birthday brunch with a singer-songwriter

How about a relaxed birthday brunch instead of a wild party night? You don't always have to party till the morning light. Organizing a brunch for your 50th is relaxing and actually gives you time and the right atmosphere to catch up with your loved ones. Once everyone has eaten, you can begin with the real highlight of your birthday event: A singer-songwriter from SofaConcerts! We have some suggestions for you...

Classics with a twist: Coffee & cake with jazz and folk music

Whether it is summer or winter, whether you are re sitting outside in the garden or are covered in blankets - a birthday party with coffee and cake is an absolute classic. The best thing is that the birthday guests can bring their favourite cakes. Which means... more cake for you! Jazz and folk music perfectly fit the sweet(ened) setting.

An extraordinary white dinner with your own band

If you want to go big or go home, you should opt for a birthday that everyone will remember. True to the motto, all attendants should come dressed in their jazziest digs. The tables should be set with white table clothes, and, of course, a selection of divine food will be catered. Most importantly, the music should also match the luxurious theme. After all, your 50th birthdat only happens once! If you decide to have a rather extravagant celebration, we've got a few party bands that will make your 50th birthday an unforgettable experience!

A special surprise: Live music as a gift for a 50th birthday

Finding the right birthday present for a 50th birthday is not easy. Surely there are many great gift ideas, but for a truly special birthday we can only recommend planning an intimate concert with a great SofaConcerts band. A live band creates a great atmosphere at every birthday party.

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