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Celebrating a milestone birthday: ideas, tips and tricks

This is how your milestone birthday will be unforgettable!

5 great ideas for celebrating a milestone birthday

- Sophia - 13.05.2020 -

Whether it's 30, 40, 50 or 60, a milestone birthday is a very special occasion and always worth a great party! The fact that this is not just any birthday should also be noticeable in the celebrations. There are endless ways to make the day unforgettable. Since, of course, you can't reconcile them all and you have to make a decision in the end, we've put together the top 5 coolest ideas for your special birthday here. How about some action & excitement in the Escape Room a wine tasting or live music in the garden or living room at home? Let yourself be inspired and find Let yourself be inspired and find the right supporting program to celebrate your milestone birthday!

Celebrate a milestone birthday - with these 5 original ideas

1. A living room concert in your own four walls

Are you a music lover and do you have a garden or a suitable room in your apartment? Organize a little concert for you and your friends! You can determine the mood and format as you like: from contemplative and dreamy to danceable and energetic, you will find something for every taste at SofaConcerts.

Getting in touch via the platform is super easy: With the help of the filters, you will be shown musicians angezeigt, who match your wishes and ideas. You can use the "Request free" button to contact the artists without obligation and exchange details such as fee expectations and cast. As soon as you agree, you can make a binding booking and you will then be guided through the booking process in just a few steps. And now you can lean back and look forward to a concert for a milestone birthday!

2. A birthday party with excitement & action

Do you want to spend an action-packed day in a small to medium-sized group? How about playing Paintball for example? Most paintball tournaments take place on specially prepared green areas including hiding places and obstacles. You will be equipped with the appropriate protective clothing and off you go - make sure you don't get caught!

If you prefer to puzzle and use your brain, then we recommend an Escape Room with your friends. Escape rooms are offered in many cities and you can usually spontaneously ask for a free slot if you are nearby. The aim here is to play your way through a locked room within 60 minutes in order to get back to freedom - an absolute must for anyone who likes to slip into the role of a detective and wants to crack puzzles.

There are many great group activities that are guaranteed not to get boring on your birthday. Although these activities are usually not free, your milestone birthday is after all a special occasion!

3. Wine tasting and cocktail party in your own home

Wild sweeping swoops aren't your thing and you'd rather have a cozy party at home with your friends? Here are a few ideas that are guaranteed to lighten the mood and contribute to a social get-together. For example, you could ask your guests to bring some wine and host a small wine tasteing. Alternatively, there is a wide range of wine tasting sets online that can be delivered to your home. So your guests don't know what to expect and they have the full tasting experience.

Mixing Cocktails together for everyone who feels like it would also be an idea, provides variety and gets your guests talking to each other. The crux of the matter: Blindfold each other and try the cocktails. Who do you think knows best and guesses the most? Of course, such tastings can also be held with all other drinks - the main thing is that you and your guests like it!

4. A thriller dinner for a birthday

Are you a big fan of community games? Turn your birthday into a big game. How about a crime dinner, where your guests have to get into a role in advance, which they slip into the role throughout the evening until the "case" is solved.

The whole thing looks even more realistic when your guests come to dinner in costume. Just send them an invitation to the mystery dinner ahead of time, pointing out that everyone should dress appropriately for their roles. This ensures even more anticipation and fun!

5. Open air cinema in the garden

This idea is actually always suitable for a good end to the evening, especially if your birthday was eventful and you and your guests need some relaxation. Install a screen in your garden (a white house wall or a white bed sheet will also work), get a projector with which you can project a film of your choice and your home cinema is ready. In bad weather or if there is no garden, the whole thing can of course also be moved inside.

Find musicians now to celebrate your milestone birthday

Do you like one of the ideas? Great, all that's missing is the right live music! To make your search easier, we have put together a small selection of our favorite birthday musicians for you. You haven't found the right artist yet? No problem! Feel free to browse our artist search or write us an email or give us a call. Together we will find the right band for your milestone birthday!

Our top suggestions

Moni about The Rehats

“Perfect band - perfect evening! Unanimous opinion of all: it was great! Birthday combo "living room concert" and then with "The Rehats" exceeded all expectations. The bar for upcoming celebrations has thus risen unattainably high. Thank you thank you @The Rehats You really made my day!”

Stage 38 about The High Fives

“Really great concert, just as we imagined (even better ;)), great mix of soulful and party hits. Great sound, awesome voice! It was a lot of fun and all the guests loved it. We can only recommend the High Fives! Thank you for the wonderful and beautiful evening! We will remember it fondly for a long time! All the best to you!”

Jan about Roast Apple

“The boys really delivered! :-) Clean arrangement in advance, approachable & down-to-earth personalities. And of course a terrific set in our living room. In retrospect, I wish it had been twice as long and I had invited twice as many guests. Feedback from everyone was great. I am very very happy with the booking!”

Martin - SMAG by Skin Gin about Olauka

"More is not possible. Outstanding performance with saxophone and vocals and super tuned music. The boys will be booked again as soon as possible and recommended.”

Florian about Duncan Townsend

“We were going to have a garden party, it wasn't an ordinary party, but something very special thanks to Duncan's performance! Duncan is an exceptional artist with a lot of experience. With his music (he was solo, only with us with the guitar), his distinctive voice and his energetic performance, it was an unforgettable evening. We would like to emphasize his uncomplicated personality and his show, which was precisely tailored to our event and the circumstances. We are proud to have seen him live with us."

Falkennest about Amistat

“Wow, what a super BEAUTIFUL and FUN concert - thank you so much! Jan and Josef are brilliant musicians and a super likeable brother duo. The two had everything with them, easily set up microphones, keyboards and guitars in my living room corner and enchanted us with their music. With two-part singing, profound lyrics and super funny moderation between the songs we had a great evening and we all went home with new favorite songs... THANK YOU and see you soon!”

Your birthday party with live music

Music is a must for every birthday party – all of our suggested ideas can be perfectly combined with live music. Tell us about your birthday party plans, we will be happy to advise you and find a singer/songwriter or a band that suits your party.

A milestone birthday is something very special. You should have the chance to celebrate it properly even in Corona times. How it works? With an online birthday party including a live stream concert. With our experienced and talented musicians, there is no chance of boredom!

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