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A birthday video to send - little effort, big effect

How you can easily give birthday wishes via video or WhatsApp

A birthday video to send as a very special gift

- Nina - 17.02.2021 -

Who does not know it? The search for the right birthday surprise is not always easy – especially since it should also be as creative and personal as possible. But why always give something material? So how about for a change times with one personal birthday video – that is definitely creative and requires little effort. Nonetheless, it is something very special and will be remembered positively by the birthday child. with our 5 original ideas for a birthday video yourself – guaranteed with a big surprise effect!

Our 5 creative ideas for a birthday video.

There is one good thing that the past years have taught us: We should value everyday joys in our lives more and look forward to small surprises.. It doesn't always have to be the most expensive gift, which one achieves the greatest effect! you would wonder what is possible with the simplest means . Ein A birthday video to send is super easy to receive and worth more than any material gift – because it comes from my heart! We would like to give you 5 imaginative ideas for very special birthday wishes via video give to the hand, where the birthday child will make eyes!

1. A musical video message for your birthday - that certain something!

The perfect way to surprise the recipient is a birthday video with music. Nothing is quite as touching as an emotional song written specifically for that birthday child was admitted. Of course, "Happy Birthday" fits best, but our singer/songwriters have a number of other self-written songs up their sleeves, which they are very happy to use for this one perform for a special occasion. If desired, the artist can even choose the recipient's favorite song rehearse - that brings back memories!

You can see how much effort our musicians put into the music message here:

Your music message could look like this:

Music connects across borders! The music messages can be booked on our platform from as little as €45 and the process is super simple: find a suitable artist, enter a desired song and your personal message to the birthday child and receive one in no time high-quality video, which is perfectly tailored to the gift recipient. So you notice: The effort is 0 and yet you move your loved ones to tears. The musical video message for your birthday can also be sent super easily if you don't have the birthday child on their big day can see in real - because Music connects across borders!

2. Your own song as a birthday video - it couldn't be more personal!

Who actually says that you can't record a song for your birthday yourself? All you need is a suitable song that the recipient likes and you can start. Songs that everyone definitely knows are for example: "Wie schön, dass du geboren bist" from Rolf Zuckowski, "Mit 66 Jahren" from Udo Jürgens or a real party cracker just like: "Scheiß drauf! (Geburtstag ist nur einmal im Jahr)" from Peter Wackel.

drum all yours family members and friends together who would like to make the birthday child happy and send them a playback version of the selected song including the lyrics. So each of you sings in the same pitch and it sounds much nicer in the end. Speaking of song lyrics : Of course, you can also adjust the text a little so that the recipient feels addressed. who isn't happy about a song written especially for him! Everyone involved can then do that Leave playback running in the background while they passionately sing along and film themselves. Of course, after the song, everyone is welcome to add their own Get rid of birthday greetings for the recipient. You then have all the recordings sent to you and attach them to one another. With the free app VivaVideo makes it child's play. And tadaaa! A "professional" music video is ready, in which one or the other singing talent will surely come to the fore!

3. Whole life in one video - almost like a real blockbuster!

Many people like to indulge on their birthday Memories – Another year with many wonderful experiences has passed. Help them remember! collect Pictures and videos from the life of the recipient : whether baby photos, children's pictures, embarrassing videos from adolescence or current recordings.

Best you also ask friends and family for their old photo albums, so you don't forget an important moment. You can then put the material together in a video and maybe add suitable music and a few dates here and there to help the recipient get started. The birthday child will be amazed at what it has already experienced and will certainly laugh at some of the activities - just curious What beautiful moments the future will bring!

4. A dance choreography at its best - feel like a star!

Just like at a real birthday party, you can also shake a leg via video. But it's about time again! With the right song and a cool choreography you can feel like a real star together with your family and friends. If you don't have any ideas for your own dance, you can also use existing music videos by singers orientate. For example, how about "So ein schöner Tag (Fliegerlied)" from Tim Toupet, "Waka Waka" from Shakira or a real classic like that "Macarena" from Los Del Rio.

As soon as the choreography is set, it's about time Turn your home into a stage . The whole family is there and everyone films themselves as the latest moves are unpacked in their own four walls! After that, leave all the recordings of one Cut family member together. And don't be ashamed if a few steps go wrong - that only makes the video all the more entertaining for the birthday boy!

5. Pass the "goblet" around and toast the birthday boy one by one - Cheers!

Instead of filming a single video and hanging them together, you can all video chat together and record yourself congratulating the birthday boy or girl. Again, your creativity is required here! A very simple and yet imaginative idea is to "pass on" the glasses to toast. The video platform Zoom is very well suited for this because you can move the windows of the participants accordingly and record the meeting.

To start, make sure you all have a glass of your favorite drink ready. Once everyone has joined the meeting, you can arrange the windows so that the participants are in the same position on all screens. Now you can record with a common Start greeting. Next, it takes some practice: the first person starts their congratulations, drinks, and passes the glass to the next window. Make sure your arms and glasses are on the same line height to make it look as real as possible. So everyone can take turns saying a few greetings and to the birthday child nudge. And don't worry: if it doesn't come out perfectly the first time, simply take several shots and choose the best one! The most important thing is that you and the birthday boy have fun makes a pleasure! A little tip: If you put a little music over it at the end, the video will look even more impressive.

Surprise your loved ones with a special kind of birthday video!

We hope that our ideas have motivated you to record your own birthday video. If you sign up for a musical video message for your birthday Once you have decided, we have a large selection of artists at your disposal. If you have any questions, the SofaConcerts team will be happy to help you at any time. We want your birthday surprise to be a complete success!

Are you looking for a way to surprise a loved one for their birthday? With a music message you are sure to delight the birthday child! Here you can find out everything about our music messages.

Feel free to contact us by phone if you need support or advice. We would be happy to help you find the right act for your music message.

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