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The 7 most beautiful ideas for a Birthday for Two

This is how you celebrate your birthday with your favorite person

Celebrate a Birthday for Two with These Ideas

- Sophia - 26.05.2020 -

Your birthday is around the corner or perhaps your significant other has a birthday soon ? Instead of throwing a big party, could could spend your speciald day could be spent with a small circle in intimate togetherness. Sometimes less is more, and when a great person is there, that's actually half the battle. Nevertheless, it is a special occasion and after all it should be remembered for a long time. Are you still looking for ideas on how to make a birthday for two an unforgettable experience? How about, for example Live music for a birthday, a candlelight dinner or a cool trip? With these 7 tips, nothing stands in the way of a super nice birthday for two!

1. Birthday breakfast in bed

If the birthday, or at least the birthday party, falls on a day off, then a perfect start of the day a breakfast or brunch in bed. So surprise your loved one with it. Whether sweet or salty, there is something for everyone here. In addition, a good basis for created the upcoming, eventful day. Of course, that can also be in the living room the terrace, the garden or even outside of the home. The main thing is that it tastes good!

2. Tresure hunt with a little and big surprises

If you are accompanying the birthday child, then prepare a treasure hunt! This Idea is not only action-packed, but also full of small and big surprises. For example, hide small boxes with clues in the area and write down the coordinates, like you do with geocaching. Alternatively, you can also organize a rally where different friends of the birthday child present the stations and think up tasks. That way, they still get to see other loved ones without throwing a big party.

3. Get out into nature and have a picnic

Especially those who live in the city rarely get out into nature, but she is there the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation when the weather is nice. Grab yours Bikes, the car or the next bus and drive into the countryside! Whether lake, forest, heath or Mountains, at your excursion destination you can crown your little trip with a delicious picnic.

4. Relaxation and bathing fun in the thermal baths

Whether pure relaxation or bathing fun, there is something for everyone in the thermal baths. Of course it is smart to think beforehand what the goal of visiting the thermal baths should be and what you want to achieve to look at the different thermal baths in the area and what they offer.

5. Short trip for two

Get out of the dreary everyday life? Book a short trip for two, maybe even one whole weekend. A change of scenery not only makes it easier to switch off your head and enjoy the quality time, there is also a lot to discover! Drive for two days to the Baltic Sea or take a city trip for more culture. There are endless possibilities!

6. The classic: candlelight dinner

Whether pure relaxation or bathing fun, there is something for everyone in the thermal baths. Of course it is smart to think beforehand which goal the visit to the thermal baths should pursue and which different thermal baths in the area and what they offer.

7. End with live music

The day was beautiful and can't get any more beautiful? Incorrect! Surprise your or Your loved one with a little live concert in the evening. In your home, he or she will probably abrowse through our artist offer! We already have a small one below A selection of artists who are particularly suitable for a romantic concert second suit.

Grüner Dschungel about The Girl & The Ghost

“We had a super nice evening with you! We were very happy that you were with us. Our guests loved it.”

tullaclub about Diana Ezerex

“Diana and band made a real highlight in my living room and everyone was really excited. Thank you for the great evening!"

Spinnrad Berlin about Ryan O'Reilly

“Wonderful evening. We could have continued to listen and enjoy for hours. Thanks."

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