Geburtstagskuchen zum 60. Geburtstag

5 tips and ideas for the 60th birthday

With these beautiful ideas for the 60th birthday, your celebration will be unforgettable

A unique birthday party - with these great ideas for the 60th birthday it works!

- Antonia - 11.05.2020 -

The time has come: Your birthday is just around the corner! But not just any birthday but the 60th! For us there is no discussion: Round birthdays should definitely to be celebrated. And because by the time you're 60 you've probably had enough nights in the party cellar, in a smoky bar or at an Italian restaurant, we present 5 extraordinary tips and ideas for your 60th birthday that will make your celebration the event of the year! That The best thing about it: All ideas contain Live music from our SofaConcerts. This marks an unforgettable 60th birthday. Birthday party Full of emotions & good mood guaranteed!

1. A concert in your own garden

If you're lucky enough to have your birthday in spring or summer, then you absolutely should take advantage: Host a live concert in your backyard! There is hardly anything more beautiful than to spend a summer night in the garden together with your loved ones and to a live concert enjoy what is happening just for you!

After all your friends have arrived and made themselves comfortable in the garden, it can start right away: An intimate live concert just for you! Sing along, dance along, the Enjoy the moment and drift into another universe for a short time. With our SofaConcerts musicians, your personal 60th birthday concert will be unforgettable!

Artists for your 60th birthday

2. Soiree with wine tasting & Live music

For everyone who wants a celebration with a lot of class & style we have a unique 60th birthday idea: A wine tasting soiree & Live music! This celebration is for all guests a great opportunity to dress up. You can Serve your guests with delicious hors d'oeuvres, such as canapé and crustaceans. Then it goes on with a wine tasting at your home. Here you can taste a wide variety of wines discover your new favorite wine!

After a short break, it's time for the highlight of the evening on your 60th birthday: >: A Live concert just for you and your guests! For such a stylish evening we can have some great classical music. How about a Cello concert or with a dynamic jazz quartet? You and your guests will be amazed by the intimate concert atmosphere comes up! Surely nobody has experienced such a unique birthday party before!

3. Let's brunch

Why should you always only see your loved ones on your birthday in the evening when you are with you can start the day together already in the morning? The idea: a brunch together! Here you can enjoy all the breakfast delicacies that you don't treat yourself to in everyday life: waffles, Pancakes, lots of fresh fruit and scrambled eggs - coffee specialties are of course not allowed either absence! With a breakfast like this, you could spend hours together and talk about life chat.

But because it's not just any breakfast, it's your 60th birthday brunch, there has to be an extraordinary highlight: a live concert for you and your loved ones! For a boisterous breakfast, we recommend acoustic singer-songwriter music.

4. Theme party - put yourself back in your youth

If this year is your 60th birthday, then it means that you are very likely to have Danced to Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Bon Jovi and Queen at the disco in your twenties! Probably a lot of vivid memories come to mind just by reading the musicians, right? So how about an 80s party! Screw the glittering disco ball to the ceiling, switch the fog machine and the Laser light on, comb back your hair and let's get on the dance floor!

Our phenomenal cover bands provide the right music. They can also make special song requests most of our bands and will ensure a unique 60th birthday party!

5. A birthday party on a boat

Sail along the river in a boat, enjoy the sun, eat good food and at the same time enjoy live music from a great musician or an enchanting musician - that sounds almost like a little utopia. But it could actually be your upcoming 60th birthday party! In many larger cities, you can easily rent houseboats or party ships - there are a wide variety of offers for 15 people to 200 or more. Some also offer great catering. What shouldn't be missing, of course: the live music!

Whether you are an acoustic solo artist, a big band or a DJ – the decision is yours. There are endless great musicians for your 60th birthday on our platform. Some of them can even Play a live concert for you and then spin the records as a DJ! What more do you want?

Book your favorite musicians now as a very special idea for your 60th birthday

Have you just discovered your birthday idea and the fitting musicians? Then start planning and send a request to the musician! If you haven't seen it yet, discover more artists & bands for your 60th birthday on our platform. You are also welcome to call us - we will be happy to support you in your search for the perfect live act for your celebration.

60 is a very special age. You've come a long way and it needs to be celebrated properly - despite global pandemics or local distance! A online birthday party with a live stream concert is just the right thing - 0% risk of infection, but 100% fun! You fancy an online concert at your virtual birthday party? Then...

Are you looking for suitable artists to acompany your 60th birthday musically or to sing about the birthday child?? Here you can find out more about a SofaConcert for the 60th birthday..

With our large selection of artists there is something for every taste. Feel free to contact us for personal advice andrecommendations

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