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Tips and Tricks for a Successful Living Room Concert

How to plan your own SofaConcert

Tips and tricks for a successful living room concert

- Svenja - 10.07.2018 -

No crowding, no overpriced drinks and a place in the front row is guaranteed: At a living room concert you can experience live music up-close. Although some people believe that hosting a concert is overly complicated, a sofa concert is hardly more complex to organise than a film evening with friends! Still hesitant? With our useful tips and tricks for your living room concert nothing will go wrong! Book an artist, ready, go!

1. Browse artists: Use filters

Before you start your search for an artist, there is an important question you need to answer: What kind of artist are you looking for? Thanks to our filters, you can adapt your artist search to your specific idea. Do you want upbeat music that you can really party to? Then choose "party/dance" in the category "Mood". Do you prefer hip hop? Select "hiphop" in the category "genre". You will then see hip hop musicians who are perfect for your private concert. Take a look at the artist search and dive into the different categories - there are thousands of artists on our platform and each of them is unique!

2. Music for special occasions

Birthday, company party or bachelorette party: at SofaConcerts you will not only find authentic artists for living room concerts, but also singers and bands for your special occasion. We are pleased to help you find the right band for your special event, simply send us an email of your vision or call us.

You'd like to book a wedding band, already foound a great one via the artist search and are now wondering whether they perform at weddings? No problem either! You can easily find out if the artist or band of your choice are interested in concerts on special occasions. In the lower right area of each artist profile, you can find small symbols right below the 'favourite gigs' section. If the symbols are coloured turquoise, the artists are interested. If you're not sure what a symbol stands for, just move your mouse over it.

3. Information exchange: Discuss, a lot

You have found an artist for your private concert or your special occasion and want to request them now? Great! If you're unsure what a concert with this artist costs, the Euro symbol on the artist profile will help you. If you click on the small question mark next to it, you will see a value that you can use as the basis for your negotiation.

Don't forget: Every concert is individual. Therefore, simply ask them and give the musician as much information as possible about the general conditions of the concert. This includes: Is it a special occasion? How many guests will be there? Is technology (amplifier) available or must it be brought along? Where will the concert take place? Will it be a background music or a concert as part of the programme? Don't be shy if something is still unclear! There are no stupid questions and also the musicians will prefers if everything is clarified before hand. Another plus point: You'll get to know each other better before the concert!

4. Hat instead of wine

A living room concert doesn't have to be expensive! If you don't have the budget to pay the artist's full fee up front, then you can decide together with the musician for a deposit and to pass a hat to audience members during the show. Think about how much can be gathered when everyone contributes - that's a good ground for the basic guarantee that you give the artist in advance. In this way, at the end of the concert, every concert guest can throw a contribution into the artist's hat and the fee is already paid. A concert paid with the hat engagement is a great alternative to the classic birthday present! Because let's be honest: getting a band for your birthday sounds a lot cooler than a perfume or a bottle of wine anyway, isn't it?

5. Concert tips: All info at a glance

Every host, whether for a sofa concert or not - knows this problem: once a date has been set and invitations have been sent, your phone never stops ringing: "When exactly does it start? What should we bring with us? Could you send your address again?" Stop! The concert page on SofaConcerts allows you to gather all information about your concert and share the link with your friends. As soon as you have booked a sofa concert, a private concert on SofaConcerts will be automatically created. You can use it to add more information about the concert. Send the link to your guests via Whatsapp, Facebook or mail and save yourself some time!

6. Meet new music fans: use the guestlist

The best part of a sofa concert? You can now make your living room concert available to the SofaConcerts community. Just change your concert from private to concert with guest list. This way you can get guest list place requests from music fans in your city. A whole new way to find music-lover friends and experience a great concert evening with a live band in a cozy atmosphere.

7. Decoration & preparation

The singer for your next living room concert is booked, friends and family are invited - the anticipation increases! Now it's time for the preparations. The motto here is: Everyone as he likes! Decoration is of course not a must, but like at any party it is a nice idea. How about a small board on which you immortalize the name of the musician or a light chain as a creative decorative element?

Before the concert begins, consider in advance where the musician or band should stand during the concert and where the guests will be sitting. Don't worry, you don't necessarily need to organize chairs. Most of the time, all you have to do is put comfortable pillows on the floor and that's it. Thus, every room in your apartment, flat-sharing or studio becomes a concert stage in no time. All you have to do now is put the drinks in the fridge and get ready for the evening with our SofaConcerts playlist on Spotify in the background.

8. Phones off and enjoy!

The guests and artists have arrived and are well settled? You are now ready! During the concert, don't forget to turn off your phones or put them in silent mode. Now, nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable concert in the confort of your home!

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